Thursday, February 14, 2008

Downtown Clayton: Vision 2012 - Goal Statements

These "Goal Statements" will guide the DDA Action Plan for the next several years. The statements are tied to the specific strategies chosen to realize the goals of the Downtown Vision.

(1)The new streetscape of Main Street thrives amid a profusion of flowers and plantings, decorative street-crossings, walkways, and interesting buildings. Downtown is well-lit and safe. Overall, Clayton has a clean, uncluttered look, especially since the utility lines were put underground.

Now a (2) diverse business center, Clayton (3) retains its small town charm as it (4) steams toward its progressive future. (5) Trendy restaurants offer sidewalk cafes and entertainment for all tastes. (6) Every storefront is occupied and (7) restored to its original architectural glory accented by attractive landscaping. (8) A variety of shops are open evenings to accommodate the needs of residents and visitors alike. (9)The open-air market provides fresh, local produce and crafts.

(10) Clayton’s growing visual and performing arts community is alive with artists and music. Public art throughout downtown provides beauty and interest. The Clayton Center continues to flourish with live professional and community performances.

(11) Attractive and informative signs welcome residents and visitors to downtown shops and parking. They guide the way to downtown from other Clayton communities.

The visitor's center provides us with maps of historic Clayton and a schedule of events, such as the Harvest Festival and Millstock, for the downtown area. The Clayton History Museum offers an interactive map and walking tour of the historical area and other points of interest.

Downtown has truly become the (12) social and cultural hub of Clayton.

For information on being involved in the Downtown Clayton Development Association's revitalization efforts, please contact DDA Chair, Joyce Blackley at (919) 553-6813 or Downtown Development Coordinator, Bruce Naegelen at (919) 553-1545

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