Thursday, May 08, 2008

BUY A BLOCK OF CLAYTON……………….Mural, that is!

Clayton Visual Arts is raising $4,000 to match a grant from the town of Clayton to have a mural painted at The Clayton Center.

Dorothy Demboski, a Clayton artist and resident, will paint a circular mural, 10 feet in diameter, depicting various scenes around town. (picture at right) The artwork will be located on a wall at the second floor landing on The Clayton Center’s government services side. The project will take about 3 months to complete.

“In a memorandum to the council, Town Manager Steve Biggs wrote that Demboski’s piece “communicated” a very intriguing statement of Clayton.” The Clayton News Star, April 23, 2008.

You can participate in this project by purchasing a square of the mural for $100. Of course, you can buy more than 1 block. Your share will be recognized in a plaque to hang along side the mural. Be a shareholder in this exciting community art project for Clayton.

Yes, I would like to purchase a block of Clayton
1 block - 15” square $100
2 blocks $200
3 blocks $300

Please specify how many blocks you want to buy. ______________

Zip Code:_____________________
Phone, Email:__________________

Make check payable to:
Clayton Visual Arts
PO Box 698
Clayton, NC 27528

Deadline is June 15 - call Dorothy for more information (919) 333-5505 or email

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