Friday, June 06, 2008

Have You Tried El Sabor de Oaxaca Lately?

Just had lunch at El Sabor de Oaxaca on E Main in downtown this afternoon and they're now taking debit/credit cards! Since I'm not a cash-carrier, I had to really plan to go there for lunch or dinner with a visit to the ATM ahead of time, but no longer.

They've also got some interesting beverages, that I do not remember the names of, but one is a natural tea, that they make in-house, crushing the leaves and everything. It's very good. They also have a rice-milk concoction that involves cinnamon and is very refreshing. Another is a spicy drink that has some chilies and other ingredients. Who needs caffeine!!

If you have the chance, check it out. The menu is different from the usual Mexican restaurant, but very good. They have regular customers now coming from Wake Forest and Raleigh...and Smithfield.

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JohnstonCoArts said...

Dont they have Mexican Coke too?