Friday, September 19, 2008

Battle of Bands A Success - Winners Announced

Last night's Battle of the Bands appears to have been successful for a first event of its type as part of the Clayton Town Square Concert Series. About 800 people showed up to listen to five bands perform for cash prizes. Some photos and video will be posted over the next few days.

Here's how the bands fared:

First Place: South Station
Second Place: The Grey Area
Third Place: The Whistlestop
Fourth Place (tie): Hip Sauce & Sandbox Band

The bands were judged on Musicianship; Presentation; Originality; Commercial Appeal and Audience Reaction.

Comedian Leroy Seabrooks (above)kept the audience entertained as best he could during the band changes and during one period of technical difficulty with the sound system and did a very good job throughout the evening.

This was the last concert of the 2008 Town Square Concert Series. The 2009 Series will be announced by January 1.


Bonnie Orr said...

A HUGE thank you to The Town of Clayton for allowing us to be a part of this.

The competition did a great job too & everyone was so nice!

We are looking forward to seeing everyone & hopefully be a part of the schedule next year~

God bless!

Bonnie Orr, wife of Johnny Orr, lead singer for South Station

Anonymous said...

Thank you to the town of Clayton for your hospitality. We had a wonderful time playing for such a warm group of people.

Coty Rivers
Johnny Orr & South Station

AJ said...

Also, thanks to the sound crew for their diligence in getting things sounding smooth. Great job guys! And a big thanks to all the kids who kept us smiling. :-)

And lastly, thanks to Mama Nature for giving everyone such a beautiful night for a concert!

AJ Lorden
South Station

Anonymous said...

Great Show - loved it. It's awesome that a Clayton band won the contest!