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Clayton Farm and Community Market Newsletter for June 20, 2009

Written by Amber Southerland Polk and edited by the CFCM Board

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Produce: Seasonal Selections will bring yellow squash, zucchini, tomatoes, several types of cucumbers, new red potatoes and greenbeans. I had a delicious and HUGE tomato from there last week and it only cost me 70 cents. Try finding a tomato that fresh for such a low price at a grocery store!

Father’s Day Market Specials: In honor of the Fathers this weekend, Sunday Morning Farms will be promoting 'Taking Thyme for Father.' The promotion will include a gift bag of a beautiful thyme plant with thyme recipes! The bags will go for $5 each and are a great gift for young children to give to fathers. Sunday Morning Farms will also be giving away free samples of fresh baked thyme biscuits, along with the recipe.

Gift for a Grillin’ Dad: Homemade red oak charcoal from Riverman’s Mushrooms makes a great gift for a father who likes to grill. David’s all natural charcoal is becoming locally famous due to the absence of harsh chemicals and its superior grilling taste. For an extra treat, pick up some fresh mushrooms to add to the grill.

Cleveland Bakery + Seasonal Selections = Fresh and Local Zucchini Bread. Rich and Jen (Cleveland Bakery) have made a deal with Ken and Tara (Seasonal Selections), and Clayton Market visitors are going to be the ones to benefit! In true farmers market fashion Ken and Tara have traded fresh zucchini for baked goods, and of all things, the buckets bakery ingredients come in. Ken says, “We always need buckets on the farm.” Rich and Jen have then taken the fresh zucchini and turned it into zucchini bread to sell at the market. So be sure to stop by both vendors this Saturday and thank them for their cooperation to bring us the freshest local ingredients possible.

Cleveland Bakery is Working Overtime: Rich said they had so many graduation cakes to bake for the Clayton High School graduates (Congrats CHS Class of 2009!) last week they couldn’t make it to the market. However, they are truly making up for it this week! I’ll just let you read what he e-mailed the market account this week:
Ok, so blueberries are in season. We are bringing in blueberry cobbler!
Don’t forget the Zucchini Bread--we will have a bunch!
All the zucchini is from Ken and Tara (Seasonal Selections) as well as our home garden! I will have sourdough for tomato sandwiches, along with my other breads.
I dare you to find it fresher or better than this! See you Saturday, Rich
PS I will also be making Shoo-Fly pies and Funny Cake. These are both rare Pennsylvania Dutch treats.

From our InBox: I live 2 blocks from the market and have made it a point to visit every Sat. I am committed to spending $10/Sat. I have met new people, "neighbors," learned new things, enjoyed good food. My son rode his bike to the market on Sat. before Mother's Day and bought me a beautiful flower arrangement. He only had part of the money, and the vendor was so kind to sell him the plants for the amount he had. I have enjoyed the market and all it has to offer. Thanks again, just wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying the market. Sarah Hale

Local Business, Organization or Church Wanted to Bring Old School Games Back: We are looking for a local business or organization who would like to be in charge of teaching the kids what "before video games" means. We're talking 3 legged races, Frisbee toss, potato sack races, golf ball and spoon races, hula hoop and whatever "old school" contest you can remember! We need a group to provide the games, volunteers/referees and a few prizes for the winners of each competition (I'm thinking yoyos and Frisbees, but feel free to bring whatever you wish). In exchange for your time and talents the game tent could be used to promote your business or organization the day you are the "Gamemaster" at the market. We will also attach your business or organization name as the Gamemaster to all our promotional materials for that market week. So break out that hula hoops and email us at Let the games begin!

Market Recipe from Sunday Morning Farms: I specifically requested BJ Whitley’s Rosemary Chicken recipe for the Clayton Market newsletter, and here it is:
• Take a 2 and 1/2 lb. fryer.
• Wash and pat dry. Salt and pepper to taste.
• Cut two to three springs of fresh rosemary, (for me, the more the merrier) and stuff inside the chicken.
• Place chicken in roasting pan and bake at 425 degrees for approximately 45 minutes.
• I have found that baking this dish at a higher temperature, makes an exceptionally crusty skin, thus, a delicious main course. Enjoy!!
See you Saturday.
BJ Whitley

Tracy Wiebeck encore performance at market this Saturday: I have a new favorite song. It’s called Gamblin Woman, and it is a Tracy Wiebeck original. Tracy explains he wrote it about his wife, but the following lyrics remind me of someone I know…

I’ve got a gambling woman
When she wins, it’s all her money
When she loses, it’s all mine

If these lyrics remind you of anyone, then stop by the music tent and pick up Tracy’s CD for only $10.00.

Tracy will be playing from 10am-1pm, so bring your lawn chairs and blankets. I was not the only one grooving to the music last week. We even had a few people join him in song towards the end of the day. Hope to see you there!

Upcoming Events: Contact if you have an event or activity you would like to bring to the Market.
• June 27: Hinton Edgerton and Brightleaf, musicians
• July 4: Bruce Naegelen, musician.
• July 18: John Spencer, musician.

Vendors 6-20-2009:

Baked goods
• Cleveland Cake & Coffee Co., Inc.

Produce, Plants, ect.
• Riverman’s Mushrooms
• Toad Song Farm
• Seasonal Selections
• Smith’s Nursery
• Sunday Morning Farms
• Omega Farms
• McKenzie Farms

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See y'all at the farmer's market tomorrow. Stop in and look around. You can't see the sweet juicy blackberries or red ripe tomatoes from your car. ;-)