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9-19-09 Clayton Farm and Community Market Newsletter

Clayton Harvest Festival Edition
Written by Amber Southerland Polk and edited by the CFCM Board

Email with any questions, comments, article contributions or to get your own weekly copy delivered to your inbox. The Clayton Market is located at the Clayton Town Square at the corner of Main and O’Neil Street in Downtown Clayton. We are open every Saturday, April-October 8am-1pm.

Clayton Harvest Festival: Oh I am so excited about the Clayton Harvest Festival this weekend! I rode down Main Street last night and all the rides are already up and running. The Harvest Festival is my favorite Clayton event because there is something for everyone. My mom likes the arts and crafts and my dad likes the food and seeing people he has not seen since last Harvest Festival. Ryan is a big fan of the shiny cars and trucks that line main street from the Clayton Market to about the Chamber of Commerce. Kids can enjoy the rides and there is plenty of food and entertainment everywhere you look.

I’m going to start by eating breakfast from Cleveland Cake and Coffee Co. at the Clayton Market and walk all the way down Main Street and back handing out Clayton Market flyers. Then I’m getting some fresh squeezed lemonade from my friends at DD&J Kettle Corn as a treat.

I found all my Harvest Festival information, including a schedule of events, on the Clayton Chamber of Commerce website. Go check it out, looks like lots of fun!

All Your Favorite Vendors At The Market This Week: We have got a full house this week folks! Complete listing of vendors attending the market is at the bottom, but here is a sample of the special products they are bringing for the Harvest Festival Market.

DD&J’s Old Fashioned Kettle Corn will have Orangeade, Lemonade, Limeade and Fresh Brewed Tea in addition to their signature Kettle Corn. Diabetics in your family will be pleased to learn they also have unsweet tea.

My mouth actually watered when I got the report from Cleveland Cake & Coffee Co. Rich says the theme for this week is “Grab-n-Go.” They are bringing Pumpkin with cream cheese filling Whoopie pies, just in time for Fall! Rich says they will make Thousands of these this season and they are the best seller and only available through pumpkin season. He is bringing assorted muffins and Chocolate Whoopies as well, but you better get there before I do for these! Another Fall treat is sunflower seed bread loaded with sunflowers and a touch of honey and bran, as well as fresh roasted sunflower seeds from the bakery. Last but not least, plenty of Sourdough bread because they just can’t come without it! It’s hard to find good Sourdough bread in Clayton.

Keiko is bringing her amazing products. I have attached pictures that speak for themselves.

Heather from Smith’s Nursery says “We are excited to be back at the market and ready for fall.” They are bringing Pumpkins, Gourds, Mums, Corn Stalks, Plants, Sweet Potatoes, Field Peas and Perhaps a few leafy veggies if they are ready. I have attached a picture of Smith’s beautiful yellow mums to get you in Heather’s fall sprit.

Shamrock's Buzzy Bees will bring lots of local honey. Al has even promised to bring the observation hive with bees if the weather behaves. As we learned last time, the bees are locked in and can not get out, but it does give you the opportunity to watch them work. Children seem especially fascinated by the bees, once Al and Kathy promise they can’t escape.

Happy Hollow Farm Big End of Season Sale. Now is the perfect time to plant your perennials for spring and summer color. Happy Hollow will be offering daylilies, hosta, loripe, variegated China Berry trees and Pussy Willow at unbeatable prices. No garden would be complete without whimsy, stop by for handcrafted garden sculptures made from recycled farm implements. If you have not tested your soil stop by the market tent or come see Jennifer for that free test kit and start using that compost. Don't have a compost pile and don't know how to start? Come by Happy Hollow Farm and they will get you started. Jennifer is a certified Master Gardner and loves to help your garden look its best.

Busy "B'' Crafts will have handmade Christmas ornaments and unique one of a kind gifts. The detail work on Beva’s Christmas ornaments are truly amazing. I have plans to ask Beva to make a baby blanket. I’ve seen the top quality of her work and know there is nothing Wal-Mart has that can touch it. Baby blankets are keepsake items and I want to make sure my little one has a blanket that will last.

Lots of Volunteers Needed Saturday: It’s Harvest Festival Time! In an effort to make new friends for the market, we have printed several market info cards to distribute to the festival participants, and we are in need of some volunteers to help pass them out. No sign up needed, just come to the market tent on Saturday and pick up a handful. Then, as you walk down Main Street pass them out to people you see. On your way back home, bring your extras back to the market tent and new volunteers can hand them out. It’s an easy way to be an advocate for the market while enjoying the Harvest Festival.

480 - Just A Few More Friends To Go: I have a goal of 500 Clayton Market Newsletter friends by the last day of the market (October 31, 2009). So forward this to your friends and neighbors and ask them to email to be added to the listserv.

Apparently No One in Clayton Knows How to Fix the Newsletter Either: I didn’t hear back from anyone last week, so I am going to ask for some computer help again this week. Some Clayton Market Newsletter readers complain of strange word wrapping when the newsletter is delivered to their in box. I have tried several remedies, but the truth is, I have no idea what causes this or how to fix it. If anyone could offer some advice please email. In the meantime, I always attach the newsletter in a word file so readers can open it or print from the file. Thanks for the help!

Creepy Crawlies at the Market Next Week: Martha Fisk, Educational Outreach Coordinator for the NC Museum of Natural Science will be presenting a program on North Carolina Amphibians for children of all ages. Touching will be allowed 10am-noon. I will find out what kind of animals will be visiting our market, but from the sound of things it’s going to be the kind that kids just love to put their hands all over.

Upcoming Events
September 19- Clayton Harvest Festival and music by Paul Bomar Trio
September 26- NC Museum of Natural Science live animal demonstration
October 10- John Spencer, Musician
October 17- Clayton Oktoberfest
October 24 – Pumpkin Carving Contest
October 31- Costume contest for 2 legged children and 4 legged children

9-19-09 Vendors
Rivermans Mushrooms
Busy "B" Crafts
Nancy's Candles
Smith's Nursery
DD&J’s Old Fashioned Kettle Corn
Toad Song Farms
Happy Hollow Farm
Shamrock's Buzzy Bee
Sunday Morning Farm
Cleveland Cake & Coffee Co.

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