Monday, November 01, 2010

Governor Bev Perdue's "Set Government Straight" Initiative

Although not specifically downtown-related, anything to reduce government "clutter"is probably a good thing. Read on!

The Governor has announced an initiative to suss out outdated and nonsensical regulations in state government. Business resource advisors and business owners can share their concerns about current regulations with the Governor’s staff at

Comments may be submitted anonymously.

Following is the press release about the initiative form the Governor’s Office dated Wednesday, October 20th.

Governor Stops New Rulemaking Unless Absolutely Necessary
Perdue asks citizens to point out regulations that “defy common sense”

RALEIGH – Gov. Bev Perdue today issued a directive to her cabinet secretaries and a request of Council of State members: do not create any new rules unless they are absolutely necessary. In addition, she announced a larger plan to set government straight by soliciting input from citizens, local governments, community groups, businesses and state employees who recognize antiquated, outdated or frustrating rules in need of reform or elimination.

“I am calling on the people of this state who come into contact with state government to talk to me. Tell me what isn’t working for you when you go to a state agency for a permit, or a license, or any other project that falls under state regulation,” said Perdue. “My rule is the ‘plain common sense rule’ – if a regulation is needed, make sure it’s efficient for the user, transparent to the public and has real value for North Carolina citizens.”

The Governor signed Executive Order # 70 laying out a three-fold plan:

1. Direct cabinet secretaries and request council of state members to stop creation of any new rules unless absolutely necessary;

2. Require all new rules proposed by cabinet agencies to be reviewed by the Office of State Budget and Management and justified by the requesting agency; and

3. Solicit input from citizens, community groups, local governments, businesses and state employees on rules and regulations that should be reviewed, eliminated or consolidated.

Speaking at Perry Harrison Elementary School in Pittsboro, Perdue unveiled a new website where citizens can submit their suggestions,

Every single suggestion will be reviewed by officials in North Carolina’s Office of State Budget and Management. Rules selected for further review will be sent to the appropriate state agency and to outside experts who can provide guidance as to if and how the rule could be changed.

Perdue pointed to the school’s playground as an example of a state rule that defied common sense. Because of a regulation that governs childcare facility playgrounds but does not apply to public schools, children enrolled in after school programs that operate in a school were not allowed to play on the school’s playground. “Because of a silly rule, when the bell rang, the same playground these kids were on all day long suddenly wasn’t good enough,” Perdue said.

She also gave examples of rules that would prohibit building wind turbines off shore and that would slow general contractors’ ability to take on new projects and hire more people.

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