Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Free Wireless Internet Available Downtown

The new Downtown Plaza at the corner of Main and Lombard Streets now offers free wireless internet service for those who want to surf online while they visit downtown. The area all around also has access to the new free service, compliments of the Town of Clayton, making downtown more likely to become a popular meeting place.

"I think this service is consistent with the reputation that the Triangle Area has developed," said Town Manager Steve Biggs. "Plus, for us, it's part of being 'The Premiere Community for Active Families.'" According to Biggs, "It is not intended to provide business class service, but rather offer convenient WiFi for visitors and others who value connectivity for social and communication purposes."

No password is required, and there's no "sign-up." But the town won't offer technical support, either.

"It's a great perk for the downtown area," said Deputy Town Manager Nancy Medlin. "We hope the public will make good use of it."

Some towns in the area already offer similar service in their central business districts and others have it under consideration. The service has been under consideration here for the last few years.

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