Sunday, March 13, 2011

From Purna Yoga East...

Who doesn't love spring? (aside from the pollen!)

You've seen it on TV: people flowing through a series of yoga postures folding and stretching the body.

Well the series of movements is called a Sun Salutation! Sun Salutations stretch all the major muscle groups in the body, relieve tension, build strength and energize the body. Its also a way to welcome the warmer weather, longer days and increased sunshine that the spring season brings!

At Purna Yoga East in downtown Clayton we're collectively preparing to do 108 Sun Salutations beginning the week of March 20th in honor of the first week of spring! Each of the 19 classes offered during the week at Purna Yoga East will do anywhere from 2 to 12 of the Sun Salutations during class.

We'll use chairs and other props to support students who have knee injuries or limited range of motion. Students will also tally the number of Sun Salutations they do at home for a studio grand total.

There are yoga students who have done 108 by themselves but we're not ready to take that on this year-maybe next spring!

Join us! Were offering an incredible New Student Special, 30 days unlimited yoga for only $30! You can purchase new student specials and gift certificates on the web.

For more information call 919-270-4892 or visit us at

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