Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ashley Horne Development Site Proposals

There have been a couple of articles recently about the proposals for the Ashley Horne Development Site (aka "Lombard Lot") at the corner of Main Street and Lombard Street in downtown Clayton. Here are the links. What are your thoughts?

"The Ashley" concept by the Lundy Group is on the left and "The Horne Center" concept by the Walthom Group is on the right

10/03/2007 Clayton News Star

10/10/2007 Clayton News Star

10/17/07 Smithfield Herald

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Yvonne Futterer said...

My preference would still be for the lot to be a beautiful park.

If there has to be building and parking on this space - should the design not be in keeping with what the Downtown Dev. Assoc. comes up with as in appearance and streetscape and the overall design for the town?