Thursday, December 20, 2007

Clayton Historical Association Interviewed on UNC-TV

UNC-TV's Kelly McCullen today interviewed members of the Clayton Historical Association about the Civil War Trails Marker they hope to have installed that will recognize Clayton as the location of the surrender of Raleigh to Gen William Sherman during the Civil War. Mary Compton (pictured to left) was the first to be interviewed as she told the story to reporter McCullen. Also interviewed were Town Historian Pam Bumgartner and Clayton Historical Association President Porter Casey, Jr. The 4-5 minute segment is expected to be aired on UNC-TV's "NC Now" program in early January.

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Kelly McCullen said...


You work with lightning quickness! We've just gotten home and settled in for a night of editing!

Thanks for your team's hospitality and for the great blog site that helped me find all of you.

Kelly McCullen