Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Town-wide Marketing/Branding/Wayfinding Recommendations Presented

Aaron Arnett & Ben Muldrow of Arnett Muldrow & Associates presented their findings and recommendations Monday night (12/17/07) to the Town Council for a market analysis, Branding & Marketing and Wayfinding Strategy for the Town of Clayton.

They presented strategies for branding and marketing; wayfinding; business development and an implementation strategy, with short term, mid term and long term actions.

In addition, they presented the new marketing logo. Ben Muldrow pointed out that the Town Seal is the primary message for the Town of Clayton, but that there should also be a “marketing logo” for imaging. The tag line, “Thinking Outside the Triangle” connects Clayton with the Triangle and provides the opportunity to market Clayton as a unique destination/location.

Some of the recommended branding and marketing strategies include:

Short Term
– Adopt uniform brand system for Clayton & downtown
– Apply brand to existing organizations, events, & collateral
– Begin aggressively marketing to local growth areas

Mid Term
– Expand Clayton’s marketing reach integrating regional tourism & arts efforts
– Target greater Raleigh market to increase regional penetration

Long Term
– Promote Clayton’s quality of life and recruit residential development
– Follow up market definition study every five years & perhaps quarterly
– New regional event

They reviewed recommended wayfinding signage as well as the type and locations of signs and gateway entrances throughout town. The wayfinding helps residents and visitors find their way around town. Some of the recommendations they made include:

Short term
– Approval of sign design, locations from NC DOT
– Brand application to wayfinding signs, gateways
– Early efforts focusing on downtown trailblazers, banners for character districts

Mid term
– Arterial trailblazers on US 70 & NC 42
– Billboards on I-95 & I-40
– Coordinate new signage with completion of new Bypass

Long term
– Billboards in Raleigh Metro
– New gateway signage on US 70 (west) & US 70/Main
– Secondary gateway signage dowtown

Aaron reviewed the market potential data which shows that Clayton can support over 200,000 square feet of additional retail space. There is tremendous Primary Trade Area leakage and the lack of retail creates the opportunity to expand the local market. In doing so, Clayton must figure out a way to reach the “new” market which is the residential growth associated with Raleigh.

Clayton must build on its strengths to recruit complementary retail based on the market analysis data, such as furniture, apparel, gifts, furniture & home furnishings, and specialty shopping. He said specialty shopping and restaurants would be best suited in downtown and general merchandising on US 70.

Mr. Arnett also noted that there is a HUGE opportunity for expanding restaurant offerings, since restaurants are now pulling more regional customers and visitors. He also suggested developing a great mix of unique businesses downtown with broad appeal. Some of the implementation strategies recommended include:

Short Term
– Town host implementation work session to present this plan & assign responsibilities to partner organizations
– Pursue economic development position at Town to lead business development & recruitment of small businesses, retail, mixed use
– Create advertising committee with reps from key destinations (responsible for marketing, communication, media flight plan)

Mid Term
– Economic Development position strengthens regional partnerships with Economic Development, tourism, cultural agencies
– Community event calendar

Long Term
– Continue to evaluate planning progress & adjust tasks & priorities as needed

The final report will be provided following a review of the material presented last night. For more information, please contact Bruce Naegelen at 553-1545 or

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