Monday, March 31, 2008 Your Life, Your Community, Your Way!

A new interactive information resource is available just for Clayton, at!

At first glance you’ll quickly find Clayton news that is continuously updated from both major media outlets and local voices… one of them could even be yours! In fact, not only can you share news and information, you can upload photos too! It only takes a few seconds and it’s available anytime, 24-hours a day! After your content is uploaded, links to your photos and stories are emailed directly to you so that you can easily forward them along to share with friends and family. also boasts up to date weather information and free classifieds. These are just some of the many robust features the site offers, with more to come, so check back often! is part of the network solely owned and operated by WNCN, a Media General property.

For more information, please call (919) 835-6431

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LSullivan said...

Thanks, Bruce, for the support and for coming out on Saturday as we kicked off the new site. As I'm sure you could tell we are so excited to see what this will do for the community of Clayton. I know you will be posting often yourself. By the way...

Can't wait to see all those videos you've produced too. Hint, hint! :)