Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Why would YOU buy Original Art?

by Cheryl McCardle
from Eye of the Eagle Art newsletter

What is the catalyst that inspires someone to buy a piece of original art? I suppose there are many factors that go into that decision, and also fears about how to purchase artwork. I think many people believe they don't know enough about art to make a wise choice. Here are a few statements I've heard as to why someone takes the plunge into the art market.

1. “It matches my sofa.”

2. “I love the colors.”

3. “It makes me feel happy, uplifted, sad, nostalgic…”

4. “My wife/husband likes it.”

5. “I think it may be a good financial investment.”

6. “I know the artist or want to be supportive of the arts.”

7. “I want people to think I have culture or sophistication.”

These are all valid reasons which touch on why individuals would consider buying art. An artist is always thrilled to have a client who finds something exceptional about their work.

Let's flip the coin and think about why some people would never think of buying original art or even going into a gallery. Can they make a big mistake when buying art? Here's what they might say:

1. “Galleries and art are for people with lots of money.”

2. “It won't match my sofa.”

3. “It cost too much, and I can get a cheap print at a ‘home store' for a lot less.”

4. “I don't understand it.”

5. “TOO Expensive!”

6. “I can't believe those artists have fun doing art, then charge a fortune for it.”

7. “I don't know enough about art to know what is good.”

Well, you get the picture. Art can be an expensive investment if you are collecting the works of someone more notable. However, if you look around, and especially check out the art in your own community, you might find something wonderful at a reasonable price. As far as galleries or art only being for the rich, it's simply not true. You can go into galleries just to enjoy looking at art. Gallery owners don't expect everyone who walks in the door to buy something.

Most galleries have receptions that are free and open to the public and no one should ever feel that they are not good enough or have to buy something if they attend. As far as understanding art, you don't need to be an expert to know what you like. You are the only one who needs to love it. If you like the art, and can afford a piece, then buy it. There are a lot of individuals who spend a large sums of money on items related to their favorite sport, hobby, clothes, etc., but would never consider spending money on art.

I was once helping to hang a show in a coffee house. The exhibiting artists tried to price everything low to make it affordable. I was arranging the work when I overheard a woman exclaim how much she liked a piece, but she thought $150 was way too much. Yet, from the way she looked, I would bet that this same person probably spent that much every month getting her hair and nails done. I suppose that some individuals perceive artists work as “play,” and don't consider making art a “real job.” People don't always take into consideration the cost of training, materials and the number of hours an artist spends to complete one work.

It's always a boost to the artist ego, when someone appreciates their art, and even better if they buy something. If you like art and have any interest in collecting, and would like to start on a small scale, visit local galleries, coffee houses, restaurants and other local businesses that display art. You don't have to limit yourself to paintings. There is some wonderful photography, pottery, and other forms of art that are priced to sell. You may be surprised at how reasonable original art can be.

The right piece of art will give special meaning to your personal space and long outlast posters, prints and mass produced items from home stores. No matter what the reason, spending time viewing art or making a special art purchase will always lift your spirits and be a treat for your eyes. So get out there and look at some art today!

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