Sunday, May 30, 2010

New Stained Glass Piece at Purna Yoga East Has Inspirational Meaning

Purna Yoga East, 107 E First Street, recently installed a beautiful stained glass window created by local artist Sherri Pekks. Bob Maiers and Catharine Eberhart, owners of Purna Yoga East, commissioned Pekks to create a special piece for their studio. The three met together at the yoga studio to come up with a vision for the project. Everyone was on the same page behind the inspiration for the piece but it was Pekk's husband who did the actual drawing for the glass. Here's the story of the piece:

"We wanted something that would inspire the feeling of expanding into our fullest potential, the feeling of inspiration and possibility. Similar to the feeling one has after a yoga classes when the body has been stretched and opened and the mind has had a time to relax and connect with the inner wisdom that reminds us that yes we can create and enjoy all the wonders of our life!

We then worked out the colors for the piece. The center of the piece is a faceted clear glass representing the purity within. The white represents the love that is always around us, the blue is our ability to heal while the gold and iridescent silver is the masculine and feminine qualities within that house the potential for creation.

A month later Pekks brought the stained glass piece to the studio for the unveiling. Hank Harris, a yoga instructor at the studio and owner of local construction company Harris Construction, installed the piece above the studio door. We were just thrilled with the creation. The gold glass picked up nicely with the brick walls and the star shape appears to float above the door adding warmth and character to the space. Beautifying the interior and exterior of the historic building in downtown Clayton is a priority for Purna Yoga East and we feel the custom stained glass does just that!"

Enjoy a yoga class at Purna Yoga East and see the stained-glass. You can also stop by the studio before or after one of the regular studio classes for a visit or call for an appointment to tour the studio 919-270-4892. They offer day and evening classes 7 days a week!

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