Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Small Businesses Can Avoid Summer Burnout

Some good advice from the North Carolina SBA Resource Partner News

Business slows down and the calls of the beach and BBQs make it mentally difficult to stay inside and focus on growing your business. Even though you love your business and provide value to your customers, you start to feel a little burnt out and you’re less productive than you should be.

Put more focus on the things you value: Write down everything that you did last week. Note how many times you tweeted, how much time you spent on email, every task that you completed during the day. Then cross off everything that you did that didn’t provide value to your business. By doing that you’re likely to find that you waste a lot of hours doing work that you don’t really have to do.

Revamp your business: It is not the amount of work that causes us to feel burnt out; it’s the type of work. To put some life back in your business and revitalize it means spicing up the way you do things. Using different channels and thinking outside the way you’ve always done things.

Re-adjust expectations: Our lives tend to get a little busier in the summer. In the winter, you could work 12 hours a day without much slack from the people in your real life. However, the summer means increased family time. Shorten your To Do list and allow yourself some extra slack. Treat yourself: Put the fire back in your business by taking some time to invest in it and in yourself. The summer months are often chock-filled with networking opportunities. There’s an increased number of conferences, seminars,webinars and networking events – take advantage of them.

-Taken from an article written by Lisa Barone, Co-founder and Chief Branding Officer at Outspoken Media, Inc.

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