Sunday, October 24, 2010

Residents Cut Their Hair for Cancer Research

Hundreds of residents crowded into downtown Saturday afternoon to watch local bankers, businessmen, public officials, firemen, policemen and other community leaders get their heads shaven to raise money for cancer research.

In all, more than six dozen got a chance to see what they look like bald, in solidarity with those fighting the dreaded disease.

The event blew past its goal of $25,000 before the first hair hit the ground, and organizers quickly adjusted their expectations to upwards of $40,000.

"What a great event," said Fire Chief Lee Barbee as he watched fireman after fireman lose their hair. "We're not exactly sure how much money will come in, but it's looking good."

Perhaps the biggest commotion occurred when Town Councilman Bob Satterfield took his seat in the barber chair. The Councilman had promised to shave his trademark mustache if donations in his name topped the $1,000 mark, which happened in less than a day once word got out. The crowds rushed in to see his hair go, then moved in even closer with cameras flashing as the facial hair went away, too.

"I don't mind my hair so much, but I've had this mustache for 35 years," Satterfield said. "I feel naked--totally naked."

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