Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Clayton is Having Fireworks on July 4th Again

Yea! Clayton is having fireworks on the 4th this year!

After taking fireworks out of last year's Independence Day celebration due to the economic downturn, the Town Council agreed Monday night to shift enough money from a parks study to buy $18,000 worth of fireworks for this year's celebration.

Town Manager Steve Biggs said the parks study can go forward next year.

"We're all 100 percent behind it," said Councilman Art Holder.

Councilman Bob Satterfield said the July 4 celebration is important as a "morale booster" for a community weary from several years of economic hardship.

Last year's cancellation of fireworks was a huge disappointment to a large number of residents. Many said it painfully underscored the hardship they were already enduring.

"But, we're not in that place anymore," said Mayor Pro Tem Michael Grannis.

Increasing revenues is a welcome change from last year when leaders had to slash the town budget for the third year in a row and lay off employees for the first time in town history.

Clayton has traditionally held the largest July 4 celebration in the area, attracting thousands of area residents with live music, games, events for youngsters, contests, traditional summer foods and the area's biggest fireworks display. Donations pay for part of the cost, but the town usually provides the fireworks. That didn't happen last year after Biggs reported that the town was "financially stressed."

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