Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"Unplugged" Musician Profile

Taylor Leopold

The 16-year old singer-songwriter picked up the guitar for the first time when she was 10 years old. She has written dozens of songs over the past few years and is now working towards releasing them on a self-published album, with an expected release date in late 2011. She was the 2010 Clayton Idol winner this past fall at the Harvest Festival, sponsored by the Clayton Chamber of Commerce.  This is a good opportunity to spotlight this up and coming singer-songwriter and provide a new audience.

Scott Dameron & Jay Ladd V

Scott Dameron and Jay Ladd fall comfortably in the mold of the new “singer/songwriter”. Accomplished musicians, singers, and lyricists, their sound is a mixture of new/fast-folk, americana, pop, and any other trendy genre that includes acoustic-based, thoughtfully written, and melody-driven music. Jay Ladd’s dynamic and emotive voice, as well as his stylish keyboard playing, perfectly seams and connects with Scott Dameron’s acoustic guitar, which can be rhythmic and percussive, but also melodic and soulful.

Kathy Hinton Nixon

Kathi Hinton Nixon is a local singer/songwriter with a love for bluegrass and Americana music. In 1994, she and her sister Kellie Hinton produced a CD with a majority of the songs written by Kathi. She performs locally, sometimes accompanied by other musicians. Kathi performed at the 2010 Millstock Music and Art Faire.

Ironing Board Sam

A truly gifted and engaging performer, Sam’s powerful, soulful voice and remarkable piano prowess remain undiminished. In fact, he believes that he’s only getting better with age. “This is the time when in my life it seems to be that I’m at my best because I know more on how to write music, know more how to play it, know more how to get it to the audience, know more about everything. I’m 70 years old. It took this time, you know.” -Ironing Board Sam -

Mr. Mustard

Mister Mustard pays tribute to influences like The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Elton John, CCR, The Band, etc., but also serves up a plateful of hot, spicy new material. All four sing lead and harmony, play a variety of instruments, and write. Mister Mustard's gigs are remarkable mostly because they're just fun - Harry, Rick, Mark and Kevin really are good buddies, and they revel in sharing good music with their friends. The onstage camaraderie and chemistry of Mister Mustard is contagious!

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