Thursday, October 01, 2009

10-3-09 Clayton Farm and Community Market Newsletter

Welcome to October!

Email with any questions, comments, article contributions or to get your own weekly copy delivered to your inbox. The Clayton Market is located at the Clayton Town Square at the corner of Main and O’Neil Street in Downtown Clayton. We are open every Saturday, April-October 31 8am-1pm.

Keiko’s Newest Product at the Market this week: Keiko will introduce passport cases to the Clayton Market this week. Perfect for a cool weather get away. Stop by to see this and all her other cute products.

Mushroom Man at the Market: David the Mushroom Man will bring his shiitake mushrooms to the market this week. David uses no chemical on his mushrooms and loves telling people about the health benefits of fresh shiitake mushrooms. Stop by and pick up a package and browse his hand made crafts.

Master Gardeners Making Master Rain Barrels: The Master Gardeners group will send a few rain barrels to us this Saturday from 10-12:30 that they've put together. The barrels will be for sale for $45 each (a reduced price from most retail rain barrels). It will also be a great opportunity for people to come by and have a look to see how they're made if they want to make one of their own.

Animals Have Returned to the Museum: We are happy to report the big snake and all the other animals returned safely with Martha Fisk, Educational Outreach Coordinator to the NC Museum of Natural Science. We would like to thank her for taking the time to teach us amphibians can be cuddly too. Stop by the NC Museum of Natural Science to visit our first cold blooded Market Friends.

Now Accepting Applications for 2010: Hopefully you have been following us throughout our first year and have seen the hard work and dedication put into getting the Clayton Market off the ground. We are committed to providing a place for local farmers and crafters to sell their items to Clayton and the surrounding community. I would like to invite anyone interested in becoming a vendor in 2010 to send me an email with any questions you may have. The application process is easy, and we sure look forward to having you out next year.

Anyone Have an Extra Van? The market needs a running van for storage and to move the market items around. Any donations would be tax deductible. The catch? It has to run on its own power and not leak oil or any other substance. We figure those are probably two good rules for a van in general. Please let us know if you know of anyone willing to donate a van type vehicle to the Market.

Looking for a Place to Advertise Your Local Business? Want to advertise your local business to Clayton residents, but don’t have a large advertising budget? That’s ok, neither do we. However, we do have a 500+ and growing following of the Clayton Farm and Community Market Newsletter and would like to offer you the opportunity to be our Newsletter Local Business Sponsor of the Week. For a very low price our newsletter readers could have been reading about your local business in this very spot. Email anytime throughout the market year if you would like to support the market while advertising your business to local residents. All proceeds will go to support the upkeep of the Clayton Farm and Community Market.

Upcoming Events
October 17- Clayton Oktoberfest
October 24 – Pumpkin Carving Contest
October 31- Costume contest for 2 legged children and 4 legged children

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