Monday, October 05, 2009

Downtown Display Tuesday Promotes Recycling

It might be fun to drop by downtown Tuesday, Oct. 6 about noon even if you don't need to go shopping.

The environmental group (reduce, reuse, recycle) will be at the corner of Main and Lombard Streets with a plastic bottle display that's been described as "unique, inspiring and creative."

They'll be promoting the state's new law that bans plastic bottles from your trash, and from the state's landfills. The law, which went into effect Oct. 1, also mandates the recycling of motor oil filters and wooden pallets. Already, state law mandates the recycling of aluminum cans and corrugated cardboard.

The group is supported by the NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources' Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance.

The Town of Clayton intends to help promote the new law with inserts in utility bills and informational materials in public places and at public events. Town employees are already setting an example by stationing additional recycling containers throughout public buildings and checking their office waste baskets for banned materials.

Plastic containers banned from landfills include drink bottles, juice bottles, salad dressing bottles, condiment bottles, laundry and dishwashing detergent bottles, shampoo and conditioner bottles, liquid soap bottles, mouthwash bottles, cough syrup bottles and more. Bottles that contain motor oil or pesticides are excluded, as are plastic tubs, which are made with a different formula.

Plastic bottles are recycled into a number of different materials, including new bottles, carpet, furniture, toothbrushes, fleece jackets, handbags, construction timber, hats and even cell phones.

For answers to frequently asked questions about plastic recycling, please check out the following link:

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