Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fall Book Sale at Library Saturday, Sept. 11

Thousands of books and DVDs will be on sale at very low prices Saturday, Sept. 11 at the downtown Hocutt-Ellington Memorial Library as part of the Friends of the Library Fall Book Sale.

Both new and used children's books will be on sale, too.

Proceeds from the event—planned for 8 am to 2 pm—will go to buy new books.

"We always have great books, books of all types," said Director Betty Coats. "It's always good, and it's going to be good this time, too."

Oftentimes, residents walk out of the Library on book-sale day with a large grocery bag full of books at a price cheaper than what one book would cost at a bookstore. This year the books, which are also sold individually, are going for $12 a bag.

Most of the books in the fundraising sale are duplicates that the Library doesn't have room to keep, though some have been donated by residents especially for the book sale as a way to help the Library raise money.

"People continue to donate books," Coats said. "We've been very lucky over the years to have wonderful support from the community. We've had good support this year, too."

Activities for children are also planned.

People from all over the area have crowded into the Library for sales like this over the last few years, taking thousands of books home with them and raising thousands for library activities.

The atmosphere has been similar to the floor of the New York Stock Exchange as frenzied people crowd the aisles, carrying books, DVDs and videotapes by the armload. Children of all ages move in and out with painted faces, adding to the carnival atmosphere.

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