Thursday, August 26, 2010

Labor Compliance Posters Are Free! Don't Pay For Them!

Some of our local businesses have been contacted by companies selling Labor Compliance posters - and are pretty persuasive in their pitch. JUST SAY NO! These compliance posters are free through the NC Department of Labor. 

NCDOL requires all businesses in North Carolina to post a copy of the North Carolina Workplace Laws Poster in a conspicuous place where notices to employees are customarily posted. The poster, printed in two sections, contains information on some of the laws that NCDOL enforces, including occupational safety and health laws, wage and hour laws, and employment discrimination laws. Both the occupational safety and health section and the wage and hour section were updated March 2009.

In addition to the North Carolina Workplace Laws Poster (English / Spanish), businesses in North Carolina may be required by other state and federal agencies to post notices to employees about other workplace laws.

As a public service, you may download each of these posters individually or in a group on the NCDOL website. 

For more information on the federal poster requirements, visit the U.S. Department of Labor's Poster Advisor page.

Please contact the individual agencies with questions about their poster.

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