Tuesday, September 14, 2010

DDA To Present Near-Final Draft of Updated Downtown Master Plan to Town Council September 20

The Town Council will get a first look at the "near-final" draft of the updated Downtown Master Plan to incorporate their comments in the final version. Boo Carver, Design Committee Chair for the Downtown Development will introduce the presentation. In a letter to the Council, Ms Carver said, "The DDA has reviewed this document and feel this is a good, useful tool to move downtown Clayton forwwrd with public and private investment."

The Downtown Master Plan concentrates on the commercial district of downtown from Robertson Street to US 70 Business. Downtown Development Coordinator Bruce Naegelen said, "The master plan provides a general framework for the development of downtown and to provide reasonable certainty and predictability for investors." He added, "The architectural and design guidelines are also being updated and will help shape growth in a way that preserves Clayton's character."

This past spring about 25 downtown business and property owners, as well as others attended two workshops to provide input into updating the 9 year old plan. Mr. Naegelen said there aren't many significant changes in the layout, but the feedback was very helpful.

DRAFT MAPS 2010   Section 1 Design    Section 2 Architecture

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