Thursday, September 23, 2010

Just What Is A "Small Busineess"? and Other Frequently Asked Questions

What is a small business? How many small businesses are there? What share of net new jobs do small businesses create? These are questions the Small Business Administration's Office of Advocacy receives on a daily basis. To respond to these and other pressing queries, Advocacy has updated its Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).  The Frequently Asked Questions is located at

The one-pager, front and back, is begging to be push-pinned to workspaces for anyone who wants a quick reference guide on the status and role of small businesses in America.

But not to leave you hanging. . . Advocacy usually defines a firm as small if it has fewer than 500 employees; 27.5 million businesses were estimated for 2009 and almost all were small; and smalls create 65 percent of the net new jobs.

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