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Clayton Farm and Community Market Newsletter for July 25, 2009

Written by Amber Southerland Polk and edited by the CFCM Board

Email with any questions, comments, article contributions or to get your own weekly copy delivered to your inbox. The Clayton Market is located at the Clayton Town Square at the corner of Main and O’Neil Street in Downtown Clayton. We are open every Saturday, April-October 8am-1pm.

Calling All Home Tomato Gardeners for the 1st Annual Top Tomato Contest this Saturday: Market Money will be given out to the winners. Market Money can be spent at any Clayton Market vendor. Please register between 8:00am-9:30am. Judging will begin at 10am sharp. Prizes will be awarded, however irresistible tomatoes eaten by our guest judges can not be returned.

Top Tomato Categories for 2009:
I. Appearance (the swimsuit portion of the contest):
Biggest tomato
Ugliest tomato
A tomato that resembles something other than a tomato

II. Taste (talent competition)
Best grape tomato
Best cherry tomato
Best tomato sandwich tomato
Best tomato grown by the youngest grower
You may enter in more than one category. No entry fee required. Tomato fame awaits!

Cleveland Cake and Coffee Co. has new Flaxseed and Spelt Breads: Rich writes in: “We will have a couple exciting new breads I have been formulating over the past weeks. I now have healthy bread options with Flaxseed. I will have a Flaxseed Rye bread and a Flaxseed Sourdough this week. I am also working on a Spelt bread made with 100% organic spelt flour from right here in North Carolina! I should have it mastered by market time but will have only a limited supply. We will also have Sourdough and whatever else we do on a whim as usual.”
See you there,
Rich & Jen

So I know what flaxseed is. It’s a seed containing high levels of lignans and Omega-3 fatty acids, and it is really growing in popularity due to its health benefits. However, I had to ask Rich about Spelt. Turns out it is an ancient grain related to wheat that has been used since medieval times. Spelt carries its own impressive list of health benefits and according to Wikipedia, Some people with a wheat allergy or wheat intolerance can tolerate spelt. So come on out and try Cleveland Cake and Coffee’s new arrivals!

Happy Tunes Kazoo: Oh I have found the best present for the grandkids ever! Get them a homemade bamboo Kazoo from Riverman’s Mushrooms. This is a welcome change in a world where everything costs a fortune, is made in a far away country with questionable ingredients, and breaks as soon as you get it home. David handcrafts his kazoos for strength and says if you wear out the paper, just cut you off a new piece of wax paper and you are good to go again. Happy Tunes Kazoos sell for around $10 each. I have included a picture of David and his kazoo, but for the full effect, you have to drop by the market and hear him play.

Clayton Pet Sitter Caught Marketing the Market:
Sandi Kellman, a local pet sitter, wanted to participate in last weeks challenge to hang up the newsletter at her business, but since she goes to her clients, she printed out copies of the newsletter and left them for her client’s owners to find once they returned home.
Sandi wrote in to the market: “Hi. I have been coming to the market since it started and was so happy when I heard that it was actually going to happen! I think buying local is the best way to go for everyone considered. The farmer, myself, the environment...can you tell I'm a 'green' freak! I bring my own bags and all :) I just wanted to say what a great job you guys are doing.”
Learn more about Sandi and her pet sitting at

Heads up Clayton Businesses: if I see the newsletter hanging up at your business I might just give you a shout out in an upcoming edition that currently reaches over 500+ local households! Maybe I’ll even send some volunteer spotters out in the community on the lookout for the newsletter. So print it out, put it up, and let’s grow our businesses together!

Market Thanks: John Spencer was a huge hit last week. He has even offered to perform for us again later in the year. If you would like for John to play for you, he can be reached at
Special thanks to Tim and Alison Cockrell for volunteering at the market last Saturday.

Refrigerator Pickles sent in by Adair Pickard
2 quarts sliced cucumbers, thinly sliced
1 large onion sliced
2 Tablespoons salt

Put cucumbers and onion in a bowl and sprinkle with salt. Cover with ice cubes and let sit 1 hour. Rinse and Drain well. Put into quart or pint jars and cover with hot liquid below.

1 ½ cup sugar
1 cup vinegar
1 teaspoon celery seed
1 teaspoon mustard seed

Mix together and heat almost to a boil. Pour over cukes/oinion and allow to cool on counter. Put on lids and place in refrigerator. Will last many months if kept refrigerated.
Do you have a recipe you would like to share? Email it in.

Upcoming Events: August is wide open. Email me if you have an event, music or demonstration you would like to share with the market. We love learning about new things or hearing new music and it’s a great promotional opportunity for local businesses, not for profits, and musicians.

Vendors for July 25
• Riverman’s Mushrooms
• Seasonal Selections
• Flying Fork Bakehouse
• Cleveland Cake and Coffee Co.
• Toad Song Farm
• Sunday Morning Farm

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