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Small Business Center Seminars - August 2009

Below are the FREE business seminars for the end of July and August! Hope you can attend some of them!!

Do More with Less: Improving Your Efficiency with Computer Shortcuts
(Eric Schmieder, Director of Web Services & Online Marketing, Johnston Community College, Presenter)
Thursday 6:00-9:00pm 7/23/09 Room 1031, Workforce Dev Center, Clayton
Ever wonder how some people get so much done on a computer while others seem to endlessly hunt for the right menu, toolbar button, or key on the keyboard? Become one of the tech-savvy individuals who let the computer improve their efficiency and speed up their work. You will learn keyboard shortcuts, multiple methods for navigating Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office applications, and simple configuration and process changes that can make your life with a computer much more rewarding. The time you spend in this seminar will come back to you time and again in savings later. Don’t miss these tips!!

Advertising and Marketing (Jess McLamb, The Roper Group, Presenter)
Monday 6:00-9:00pm 7/27/09 Room 1032, Workforce Dev Center, Clayton
Develop a marketing plan for your business that works and does not break the bank doing so. Learn steps and tips to successful marketing.

Planning Under the Business Life Cycle
(Anne Britt, Consolidated Planning, Inc, Presenter)
Monday 6:00-8:00pm 8/3/09 Room 1032, Workforce Dev Center, Clayton
Anne Britt has 30 years experience helping individuals, families, and businesses organize their financial world; protect their assets, income and lifestyle; and focus their resources to help them achieve their financial goals. This class covers start-up or emerging businesses thru the growth and maturity stages to exit/transfer. Planning considerations include:
- selection of business entity: sole proprietorship, Sub-S, C-Corp, LLC
- what benefits to offer to whom and when
- using legal and tax experts to protect against unforeseen liabilities
- how to make the best use of an accountant
- retirement planning.

The 12 Steps to Start Getting Appointments and Stop Cold Calling! How to Ask for the Appointment and Get It.(Chris Morrissette,, Presenter)
Wednesday 9:00am-12:00pm 8/5/09 Room 1032, Workforce Dev Center, Clayton
Come learn the 12 easy steps to make an appointment with anyone. Stop wasting your time. Cold Calling doesn’t work, but you still need to make sales appointments. This seminar has a Parking Lot Guarantee! You will walk out to your car at 12pm, grab your cell phone, call your next prospect and have an outline that will dramatically increase your ability to make an appointment with that person.

Cookies and Trojans and Worms, Oh My! – Keeping Your Computer Safe and Clean(Eric Schmieder, Director of Web Services & Online Marketing, Johnston Community College, Presenter)
Thursday 6:00-9:00pm 8/6/09 Room 1032, Workforce Dev Center, Clayton
Is your computer running slower than it used to? Are you getting strange errors and warnings from the programs you use? Are you afraid to go online? Do you just want it to work? Learn what things you can do to protect your computer from malicious attack, what things you do daily that can slow down a computer, and how you can keep your machine properly maintained and protected with little to no technical knowledge.

10 Steps to Starting Your Own Business (Jess McLamb, The Roper Group, Presenter)
Monday 6:00-9:00pm 8/10/09 Room 8, Cleveland Center
This workshop will give you an overall understanding of the steps you need to take to make your dream venture a reality.

Why Do People Act Crazy at Work?(Mike Collins, The Perfect Workday Company, Presenter)
Wednesday 11:00-2:00pm 8/12/09 Room 1032, Workforce Dev Center, Clayton
Do you believe that some people act crazy at work? Absolutely! A variety of stressors in today’s workplace combine to create more difficult people. In this session you will learn:
 The four reasons why more people are crazy at work
 Who are the crazy people at work and how to deal with them
 How to make difficult people more accountable
 Who are “problem” people and who are simply annoying
 Why you can’t tell someone they have a “bad attitude”
 Why it comes down to how they work and how you work
 How to keep crazy people from making you crazy

Web to English Translation: Effectively Communicating with Your Web Developer (Eric Schmieder, Director of Web Services & Online Marketing, Johnston Community College, Presenter)
Thursday 6:00-9:00pm 8/20/09 Room 1032, Workforce Dev Center, Clayton
Does talking to your web developer leave you questioning whether they learned English in high school? Are you left unsure of whether the language barrier challenges will eliminate any hope of getting the online image you are hoping for? Get familiar with some of the common terms and concepts in the web design industry. Learn where to find answers to become an educated consumer of these services. Explore some of the different types of web sites and marketing approaches used online and how these can be aligned with your business plan.

From Losing My Job to Owning My Job(Doug Cockrell, KS Bank, Presenter)
Monday 6:00-9:00pm 8/24/09 Room 1032, Workforce Dev Center, Clayton
This seminar is a hands-on way to learn more entrepreneurship. It encourages participants to think like an entrepreneur while learning about small business management. By the end of the seminar each participant will have created a plan for how to pursue their entrepreneurial goals.

Creative Marketing for Artists, Part I: How to Plan Your Prosperous Marketing Palette
(Barnsley Brown, Spirited Solutions, Presenter)
Tuesday 6:30-8:30pm 8/25/09 Room 8, Cleveland Center
Come find out why marketing your work is as exciting and creative as the process of making art! Learn the top ten marketing methods of over twenty-five artists—painters, sculptors, folks artists, jewelry makers, musical instrument makers, theatre artists, writers, crafters, etc.—who make their livings from their art. You’ll come away with a palette of bold, bright ideas and a plan to implement them. Become a marketing expert in this fun, invigorating seminar!
Sponsored in partnership with the Johnston County Arts Council.

Taking the Guesswork Out of Recognizing Substance Abuse in the Workplace(Sherry Harris, Carolina Center for Drug and DNA Testing, Presenter)
Wednesday 10:00-12:00pm 8/26/09 Room 1032, Workforce Dev Center, Clayton
Are you observing dilated or contracted pupils, slurring of speech, or behaviors that previously have not been exhibited by an employee? If so, drugs and/or alcohol may be involved. Take the guess work out of suspecting an employee with a drug or alcohol problem. Learn the warning signs of substance abuse and the signs of impairment. Learn the appropriate approach to act on your suspicions and how to prevent substance abuse in the workplace. This is a great session for managers, supervisors, human resource professionals, safety officials, and designated employer representatives.

To register for these seminars, contact Rosa Andrews at 919-209-2015 or or register through the SBC website at

Rosa S. Andrews
Director of Small Business Center and Occupational Licensure
Business and Industry Department
Johnston Community College
135 Best Wood Drive
Clayton, NC 27520
919-359-1176 fax
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